At All Saints we recognise that the Mental health and Wellbeing is imperative to the development of our learners. Giving children the correct emotional literacy experiences so that they are confident at talking about their feelings is so important and we achieve this using the Zones of Regulation.

We introduce the idea through the use of the children’s film ‘Inside Out’, where the children realise its normal to have a wide range of feelings and all of them are perfectly OK to have.

We then work on developing the children’s language around these feelings, enabling children to have a rich vocabulary to explain their thoughts and feelings.

These feelings are catagorised into four different colours which become:


We manage children’s behaviour in school using a Behaviour management scheme called ‘It’s Good to be Green’. Sticking with our theme of striving to be in the green zone, our children also aim to stay green on our display boards in each classroom. Although primarily aimed at teachers, the following video does a wonderful job of explaining the scheme. Please also find a link to our school behaviour policy below:

Our School Behaviour Policy

SUAT Behaviour Policy