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Our Vision

Our vision at All Saints is that through the power of God's love children will reach their full potential and be able to live their lives with an open mind so they learn from the world around them. 

Jesus said:


At All Saints, our Christian values underpin everything we do. We focus on a different value each half term across a two-year rolling programme. As a school community, we have chosen the following six core values:

Our Remote Worship Timetable

Although we can not physically be together at this time, we are proud to be able to offer remote worship to our children and families. Our latest SIAMs Inspection found that 'Collective Worship is good and provides a life enhancing experience for all ages' and we are determined for this to continue both at home and in school. Some of the pupils that are currently attending school during lockdown said that they miss collective worship as it was a time to be quiet and share with their friends. We hope that by offering worship remotely, we are able to encourage the children to continue creating that special, quiet time in their day.

Our School Hymn

Our school hymn is 'Shine Jesus Shine' was chosen by the children. Please click the picture to hear it:

SIAMs Inspection Reports:

SIAMS Inspection Report 2014

SIAMS Inspection Report 2019