Our Curriculum Intent Statement

At All Saints our vision states that through the power of God’s love children will reach their true potential and be able to live their lives with an open mind so that they learn from the world around them.

Through our unique curriculum, we provide the knowledge and skills our children need to embrace our school motto: Love, Live and Learn.

Love: Throughout a child’s journey through All Saints, we inspire a love of learning. The National Curriculum is underpinned by our Christian values of compassion, thankfulness, hope, respect, courage and forgiveness.

Our close-knit school community comprises of our families, our staff, our church and our village. It is the strong bond held between us all that provide the nurture and love that enables our children to reach their true potential.

Live: Through the learning experiences provided, we aim for our children to become well-rounded citizens, able to think independently, approaching challenge with an open mind to be well prepared for life in modern Britain. Our curriculum is brought to life through stimulating experiences such as trips, visits or speakers with the intention of providing knowledge and skills, as well as building aspirations for future life. A regular programme of enrichment activities throughout the academic year builds on our pupil’s cultural capital, whilst enhancing different areas of curriculum in turn.

Our ultimate aim is for our children to leave All Saints with a growth mind-set and ambitious expectations of themselves, equipped knowledge, skills and vocabulary needed in their adult life.

Learn: We aim to deliver a connected curriculum that builds on a strong foundation of core skills. Our high expectations ensure children make good progress which is carefully monitored. Everything we teach must sit within a bigger picture to enable our children to become deeper level learners, making links between areas of learning and the world around them.

Our curriculum is delivered through whole school themes due to the flexible approach we need to maintain for an effective class structure year on year.

We strongly believe that children benefit as learners from our unique, rural setting. The village of Bednall’s farming roots, along with our school’s Victorian heritage, provides them with rich, first-hand learning experiences.

We are historians!

History learning at All Saints is truly unique due to our Victorian heritage. Our KS1 children are fortunate enough to be based in a Grade II listed building that was built in 1856. This date provides our children with a chronological benchmark as all new learning is introduced in relation to the period in which the school was built. This is displayed on a large timeline which represents all classes’ learning which is introduced during half termly topic launches. This whole-school, visual approach to chronology means that children can see how new learning fits with what they have learned before. Our pupils also benefit from handling and exploring our original Victorian log books and learning about what life at All Saints would have been like in the 1800 and 1900s.

We are geographers!

As our school is situated in a rural location within a farming community, it was important to us for our pupil’s to have a solid understanding of their local area and how the farming calendar works. It is because of this the children focus on the ‘Farm to Fork’ process and have hands on experience of growing their own produce in our allotment and using it to produce a dish in Design Technology.

Once the children have a solid understanding of their local community, they build on this by learning about the nearest local town of Stafford before making comparisons with one of it’s twin towns, Stafford, Virginia in UKS2.

History and Geography Curriculum Year A and B (subjects alternate half termly)

We are scientists!

Our science curriculum is enhanced through outdoor learning sessions (Wildlife Wednesdays) which complement existing in-school learning. They provide children with a new context for scientific learning and aim to develop a deeper relationship with nature – building the foundations for a lifelong connection with our natural environment and our planet.  

Our Science Intent Statement

Science Curriculum Year A and Year B

We are artists!

We are designers!

Art and DT Curriculum Year A and B (subjects alternate half termly)

We are digital experts!

Our Computing Curriculum (taught through Purple Mash Computing SoW)

We are language learners!

Our Modern Foreign Languages Long Term Planning (KS2 Only – taught through Rising Stars SoW)

We are musicians!

Our Music Long Term Planning (taught through Charanga)

We are theologists!

Our Religious Education Long Term Planning (taught through Understanding Christianity & Diocese of Lichfield SoW)

We are respectful citizens!

Our RSE Curriculum (taught through PSHE Association SoW)

We are healthy!

Our PE Curriculum (taught through Get Set 4 PE)


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If you have any questions regarding our curriculum, please contact our Curriculum Development Lead, Mrs H Mayhew or our Headteacher, Mrs Z Scott.



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Maths at All Saints


Our RSE Curriculum


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