We understand that our learners come from a wide variety of backgrounds with varying exposure to mathematical concepts and practical experience. As a result, they require robust and clear progression through mathematical concepts and support with learning. The goal of our Maths teaching is to deliver the core aims of the National Curriculum – both in mathematics lessons and across the curriculum as a whole. Our children will be taught to be confident, successful and proficient mathematicians who can apply their Maths to other contexts and situations. We want our children to leave Primary school ‘Secondary ready’, with excellent foundations for future learning. 

At All Saints we use the White Rose Maths Scheme throughout the school. Progression within each area of calculation is in line with the programme of study in the 2014 National Curriculum. This Calculation Policy should be used to support children to develop a deep understanding of number and calculation. This policy has been designed to teach children through the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract representations.  

Please follow the links below to view the long term plans for Mathematics:

Reception Schemes of Learning

Year 1 & 2 Schemes of Learning

Year 3 & 4 Schemes of Learning

Year 5 & 6 Schemes of Learning

If you wish to support your child in the learning of key instants recall facts (KIRF) you can find them organised by age at the link below:


Please click on the logo below to access free Maths workbooks for use at home:

As we follow the White Rose Maths Mixed Age Schemes of Learning, we have also adopted both their calculation policies. We also use both Numbots and Times Table Rockstars to inspire children to learn their number facts both at home and in school. Please click the image below to log-in to the platforms. The easiest way to locate out school is by searching for the school postcode: ST17 0SD. Click the front cover to view each of them below:

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