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All Saint’s get on the wild side with Forest School - 13/02/2020

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Forest School at All Saint’s is getting into full swing with 64 saplings planted last year to help build a great outdoors area for effective learning.

The programme started in September, meaning every class will have 6/7 weeks each to discover the immersive way Forest School lets the children learn in a safe and adventurous environment. 

Forest School Leader, Lisa Maaskant explained: “Forest School is about building resilience in children. This style of learning can have a very positive impact on children by creating more learning opportunities, building everyday skills and promoting teamwork.”

We are still developing what our Forest School at All Saint’s looks like but we’re hoping to get a mud kitchen and firepit in to go alongside the growing saplings.

The aim of the Forest School is to provide sessions in a natural environment for children to build on their confidence and self-esteem in a hands-on way.

Ms Maaskant said: “The children are always excited when it’s their time for Forest School, they love having that time to do something a bit different while still learning.”

Activities carried out during Forest School include building dens and hammocks, learning how to use knives safely and being crafty with the natural environment. 

One of the principles of Forest School is to allow pupils the opportunity to take supported and appropriate risks to help them learn real life skills for the future. 

Forest School also takes place in all weathers, unless it is unsafe weather, to teach the children that you can still have fun outside in the wet and cold.

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